Why Tell A Story?

Most of us find the behavior of other people fascinating. Maybe because real life is so unpredictable. This gives us plenty to think about, so why do we need to read or write fiction?

Maybe because fiction doesn’t encourage us to compare ourselves with real people who have achieved success or notoriety. It doesn’t make us jealous or resentful – quite the reverse, because fiction can be comforting, whereas real life can overwhelm us.

When we identify with a character in fiction, we give ourselves permission to lead a different life. We can feel all the emotions which the character feels. Real life might be a solution-free zone, fiction has positive duty to offer solutions. It offers us justice because the characters usually get what they deserve. Fiction sets our imagination free, offering writers a perfect playground to explore alternative lives and destinies..

What about readers who say they never read fiction? Don’t they also need structured stories with beginnings, sustained middles and satisfying endings? I’m sure they do because many may be sports fans and events always follow a pattern of set-up, development and conclusion. Footballers don’s wander off the pitch before the game ends, and runners don’t stop half-way on the track. Authors of non-fiction can learn a lot about structuring, plotting and characterisation from writers of fiction.

Is it worth writing fiction? As someone who has spent most of my long life making up stories, and reading remarkable novels, I continue to believe it must be.

If I can help you with any writing problems, write to me (free) at dwaysman@gmail.com – I am here to help you. I have written 14 books now, and my own personal favorite “Esther – a Jerusalem Love Story” has just been republished in Israel this time, by chaim.mazo@gmail.com; or you can get it on Amazon or direct from me. I am always glad to hear your comments.

Happy writing/


One thought on “Why Tell A Story?

  1. Hooray for fiction writers and fiction! I have never tried writing it but l LOVE reading it. I’m reading a non-fiction bio called Educated. It is one of the best I have ever read and I can’t put it down. It is so interesting, heart breaking and encouraging all at the same time.

    Blessings to you in Jerusalem,

    Love, Carrie

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