Successful writers share a secret. They don’t write all the time. Maybe one-third – market research, idea development and query fill the remaining hours. If you want to be more successful in 2023, note these tips”:

  1. WRITE REGULARLY – but not always for publicatio. Writing improves with practice, but growth occurs when you are free to test new techniques and ideas. Take time to write something nobody else will see – a journal, a short story, a poem … This creates a safe way to mine your emotions.
  2. DEVELOP A WRITING RITUAL:Maybe start with a cup of coffee; sit in the same space; make a note of all the things you are grateful for …. these rituals and routinmes can sharpen your focus and help prepare you for the worki ahead.
  3. WRITE SOMETHING NEW: You can write articles for papers and magazines, and at the sam,e time be working on a novel. Don’t get locked into a routine of writing for a particular market and forget the cvreativity that comes from playing with words, structures, ideas.
  4. PIQUE YOUR INTEREST : 90% of the work is making sure you like what you are writing about. Connect with something you care about in the story and your work will take on a passion that will make readers care too.

5. JOIN A WRITERS’ GROUP; Communicate with other writers. You must hear other writers and get different perspectives.

The best groups expect members to submit work for a regular critique and discussion, where members offer educated and supportive but honest feedback. Look for a group with engaging smart people who write regularly and share their opinion in courteous and constructive way.

6. ENTER A WRITING CONTEST: This is a way to attract the attention of editors and publishers. Powerful motivation!

Sometimes publication is the prize , or an evaluation by agents and editors that is very valuable.

7:DREAM BIG: The best results often come from taking calculated risks. Swallow your fears and forge ahead. It’s more likely you’ll hit on a lucrative success. What is your dream assignment? Which agent do you want to represent you? Sets your sights high and do one thing today to move yourself closer to that goal. You risk rejection but there is always a publishing possibility. A positive attitude, savvy marketing and a blend of writing and business basics will take your talent to the next level.

HAPPY WRITING: I am here to help you with any writing problems (free of charge). Contact me at dwaysman@dwaysman

if you are interested in any of my 14 books. My latest novel is “Searching for Sarah” and my own personal favorite “Esther – A Jerusalem Love Story” which has been out of print for many years, has just been re-published by Chaim Mazo Publishers in Jerusalem, and is available from him, from Amazon or direct from me. I am always glad to hear your comments.


    4 thoughts on “MAKE YOUR WRITING SOAR!

    1. Hi Dvora,

      It’s so nice to hear your voice in the posts you write. Thank you for sending these!

      I wonder if this particular post that I received was an early draft – take a look at what was sent out and if it was the intended draft -there’s a few typos and punctuation irregularities. It’s happened to me, where an early draft was distributed instead of my final. The computer has a mind of its own!

      Sending love from Illinois where the snow is really coming down.


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