You are feeling in a creative mood and want to write, but can’t think how to start a story. Here are some quick ways to find inspiration and get started.

1. LISTEN CAREFULLY: Eavesdrop at a cafe, on a bus or on a train. Record the bits of overheard conversation. You might be surprised how a bit of dialogue can spark inspiration.

2. READ THE OBITUARIES: Ever wonder about the part of a person’s life that isn’t reported in the death notices? Use your imagination to fill in the gaps.

3. PUT YOURSELF IN ANOTHER PERSON’S POLACE;: Pick a character in the Bioble and read the story carefully. Write a story as though you were the character.

4. TELL THE STORY BEHIND A PHOTOGRAPH:: Find a picture that intrigues you or stirs a memory, and write about it. Maybe an early photo of your parents. It might even inspire a children’s book.

5. LISTEN TO THE STORIES THAT FRIENDS OR RELATIVES TELL YOU; A friend told me she sat on a park bench and was writing, when an old woman sitting next to her suddenly said: “I bet you think I was never in love.” That night she turned the old woman’s narrative into a short story that was later published.

6. START WITH A SETTING: Find a setting, describe it in such detail that it can’t be mistaken for any other place in the world, then let people loose there. This is a great way to get started.

7. USE A MAP TO PUT YOUR MIND IN MOTION. I’ve always loved maps – their colours, lines and the names of towns. Maybe choose a town with an odd name, wonder what it would be like to live there, and start writing.

8. START WITH A COLOR: Say a color out loud – e.g. purple – and start writing. Or say red, and think of russeet apples, roses, maybe a flag.

Happy writing. I am always here to help you (free of charge) with any writing problem. You can contact me direct at:

dwaysman@gmail.com – I am always happy to hear from you.


One thought on “LET’S START A STORY

  1. Hope you are doing well in this new year, Dvora. We are doing fine and will bring home a new puppy in early February. She’s a Goldendoodle : ) So cute! We haven’t finalized a name yet. It may be Emmie : )

    Much love to you in Jerusalem!


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