You’re looking for inspiration to9 start a new story, but have come up dry. Here are a few suggestions that might get you started:

1: Eavesdrop on a train, at a restaurant at a bus station. You just may overhear a few sentences that fire your imagination.

2: Read the Obituaries: Think about the part of a person’s life that isn’t reported in the death notices. Use your imagination to fill in the gaps.

3. Put yourself in another person’s place. Maybe pick a Biblical story and choose a character. to base yourself on him/her and the way they react to the situation. Set it in modern times.

4: Tell the story behind a photograph. Find a picture that intrigues you or stirs a memory. You might be surprised how it becomes the inspiration for a story.

5: Listen to stories friends, relatives or strangers tell you. Often they provide inspiration for a plot-line.

6: Start with a setting: Describe it in such detail that it becomes unique, and then let characters loose in that setting.

7: Use a map to put your mind in motion. Pretend you are going on a road trip- pick out towns with odd names, wonder what it would be like to live in them, and then start writing.

The above are sure-fire ways to tune up your imagination and you get you started on your next story or poem.

Happy writing. I am always glad to hear your comments, and am here to help you (free) if you need some advice. My latest novel (“Searching for Sarah” ) is available now at discount direct from me at


2 thoughts on “STORY STARTERS

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for sharing this with us, We enjoy reading all your posts and I save them.Se welland happy and have a good week and month.Mordechai and Esther

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