BE PART OF THE TRIBE: Writing can be lonely, so develop a circle of creative contacts. Getting high-quality feedback is important, so maybe join a workshop where you can get honest, useful feedback. Meeting other writers and going to events can help you discover publishing opportunities too.

VORACIOUS READING: If you don’t read, you can’t be a writer. It is essential.. Reading helps you keep up with what’s happening in your field. A wide knowledge of the market will pay dividends when you send out book proposals. You don’t need to like everything you read, , but you need to kn ow who is doing what in your chosen field.

BE SUPERSTITIOUS: An unusual thing is the odd selection of habits and rituals that creative people develop. Lots of writers have lucky charms and these objects or rituals act as associative triggers to help us get into the right emotional state to write. Today neuroscientists confirm what writers knew all along.

STOCK THE POND: Keep replenishing your stock of ideas. Keep feeding your imagination or your well of ideas can run dry. Go for a walk; visit an art gallery or museum; browse in an interesting shop. There you may find new ideas. Or re-read something wonderful.

ESTABLISH BOUNDARIES: Prioritize your writing time. Set aside special time to write, and then surround it with barbed wire! Don’t discuss your work until it’s done. Some people will beg you to tell them about your work, and then begin to criticise it. These negative comments are not what you need. If they insist on asking what your book is about, reply vaguely: “You know, the usual” or “I wish I knew.”

WRITE: You are not a writer unless you are writing. If you’re not ready to tackle a big project like writing a book, find a good writing handbook and work on small writing exercises.

Happy writing. If I can help you (free of charge) with any writing problems, contact me direct at I am currently selling several of my books direct at discount: “Searching for Sarah”; “In A Good Pasture”; “Woman of Jerusalem”.



  1. Very interesting, Dvora! My ritual to jump start my writing is to begin with a photo, graphic or image. I just take off if I have a picture I love.

    Blessings and love, dearest writer, Carrie

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