1. Be sure. Are you ready ti pay the price? Isolation; open to criticism; iof you’d rather socialize, watch TV etc., it’s not for you. It takes commitment.
  2. Be determined. Practice until you become at least a part-time professional. Write and keep on writing.
  3. Be patient. Persistent. A solid writing career usually arrives later in life. This is an age of instant gratification … you won’t find it in writing, except for the joy of the work itself.
  4. Be open. You must be willing to have all the flaws in your work exposed, so that you can fix them. A good editor will criticise your weaknesses . Runners say “No pain, no gain.” If you can’t accept criticism, you won’t last the distance.
  5. Be curious. Read everything. Don’t strive for attention. Strive to go unseen in a crowd and WATCH people, the sky, a baby’s repertoire, how shadows lengthen. Everything eventually contributes top what you write.
  6. Be serious. Give unstintingly of yourself – 110%. Every work of creation is a self-portrait. Autograph your work with excellence. But don’t take yourself too seriously – be able to laugh at yourself.
  7. Be yourself. Let who you are, what you are, what you believe shine through. Not to preach, but to be sincere. True opriginality lies not in saying what has never been said, but in saying what you have to say.

Happy writing. If I can help you with a writing problem, contact me directly at My latest novel “Searching for Sarah” is available direct from me at discount price. I’m always glad to hear your comments.



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