A few writers have recently contacted me, and said: “I really want to write a book, but I just can’t get started. ” So let’s talk about it. It’s sad that the only thing preventing you writing is actually sitting down and doing it. In this corona period, you don’t have the excuse that there’s not enough time.

Writing is good therapy. Putting thoughts on paper , especially when stressed, can be calming. With creative writing, engage the imagination and call into use your inner skills. We all possess the instinct to present facts in a way people will understand and enjoy. That is storytelling. If you have to entertain and inform, you can varnish the truth. Experience and invention – the secret to being a writer..

If we have an abiding interest in, say, romantic fiction and read it often, then you can use that sense of familiarity. If it’s thrillers or mysteries, then stick with that. But fiction is not the only form of story-telling. Whatever we read is, in essence, a story. Even if it’s about travel, or a human-interest piece about someone with an unusual job , it’s entertainment because it engages the reader’s interest and tells them something they didn’t know.

Settle down with coffee. Lots of coffee. And biscuits. Begin with structure – a beginning, a middle and an end. Look on it as a journey. Some planning is essential. Who are the main characters? Will the locations be real or invented? Contemporary, historical, futurist or fantasy? Do you need to do initial research?

Fiction engages the use of emotion, humor, drama and invention. It differs from writing features, which require a more ordered approach. That’s what makes writing fiction exciting – your imagination can take you anywhere, at any point in time. Just write the first line – a piece of dialogue or a dramatic introduction, let it take you where you will. Just let it flow … editing can come later. Write at least a page, and put it away for a day or two. Allow it to ferment in your mind. Then go back and read it. You may be surprised at what you’ve accomplished. And you’ll want to do more. That’s writing!

If I can help you with a writing problem, contact me at dwaysman@gmail.com My services are free. My latest novel “Searching for Sarah” is available from me at discount. Happy writing.


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