It’s part of being a writer, especially in the early days.  Stay positive:

Submission itself is an achievement. If you’re submitting work, you’ve taken the first step to publication by finishing something and being brave enough to send it out into the world.

REMEMBER YOU’RE IN GOOD COMPANY: I’m sure you’ve heard that JK Rowling was rejected 12 times before her first Harry Potter book was accepted by Bloomsbury (and only then, because the Chairman’s 8 – year-old daughter enjoyed it.)

LOOK AT YOUR REJECTED WORK WITH FRESH EYES:  It is not a personal insult. Perhaps in the joy of finishing it, you overlooked flaws that may now become apparent. Maybe it’s repetitive. It doesn’t mean it is without merit. Looking again with more critical eyes might show you how to fix it.

RESUBMIT ELSEWHERE: Maybe you just targeted the wrong publication or publisher.  Did you do your homework first? Consult publications like The Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook; search news stands; study magazine websites until you find the perfect match.

WORK ON SOMETHING ELSE FOR A WHILE:  Try something in a different genre or style. It will sharpen your skills and when you return to the rejected piece, you’ll see it with fresh eyes.

AVOID SEEKING CONSOLATION FROM FRIENDS & FAMILY: They won’t take an objective view, in their efforts to please you. It will only make you more resentful that some editor failed to recognise your genius.

REMEMBER WHY YOU STARTED WRITING: Making a living as a full-time writer is a feat that few people achieve. You need to recognise when a piece just isn’t working and move on to something else. Write because you enjoy it, and publication is the icing on the cake. Believe in yourself and celebrate that you have such an enjoyable and rewarding hobby. Publishing success may be just around the corner.

Happy writing.  I am glad to hear your comments, and to help you with any writing problems. My latest novel “Searching for Sarah” is available from me at discount price. You can contact me at:



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