A follower of my Blog recently wrote to me that she was having trouble ending her articles in an interesting way.  I hope I helped her with these tips:

YOU CAN ASK A QUESTION. This helps readers to continue thinking about the topic.  e.g. Ending a travel article:  Now that you know what’s waiting for you on this lovely Greek Isle, isn’t it time for you to start packing?

STATE A LITTLE KNOWN FACT.  An article about a World-War II sinking of an American Navy’s smallest aircraft carrier by the giant Japanese fleet.e.g. speculation by both U.S. and Japanese naval experts has been indefinite and  confused.   When Japanese admiral Kurita  was asked why  the Japanese fleet withdrew Kurita remained silent and merely smiled a wry smile.”

USE A QUOTATION:  In an article about how to use your word processor, William Zinsser =- a former editor of the Book-of-the Month Club, wrote:  “The word processor will help you to achieve 3 cardinal goals – good writing, clarity, simplicity  and humanity, if you make it your servant and not your master.”

LOOK TO THE FUTURE: This is an effective way to tie up a topic.   Something like “The future of (your topic) is looking very bright indeed.”

MOTIVATION:  You want readers to take some kind of action, after reading your piece.  It might be to join an organization, make a donation, mail a letter, or simply think more seriously about a topic.  So tell them what you’d like them to do.

SUMMARIZE YOUR ARTICLE:  If it might be difficult to understand at first reading, give a brief summary of all the points you want to make.

Don’t change the tone of your article at the end – be consistent.   It should stimulate readers, and leave them with a positive attitude towards whatever subject you covered.  Opening paragraphs get more attention (especially from editors) but the writer of Ecclesiastes knew the way to satisfy readers: “Whatsoever thou takest in hand, remember the end, and thou shall never do amiss.”

If I can help you with a writing problem, contact me at dwaysman@gmail.com  At the same e-mail address, you can purchase copies of my latest novel at discount:  “Searching for Sarah.”   I always enjoy your comments.






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