There is one book that only you can write – your memoir or autobiography.   When you are young, of course your life is ongoing, but when you get old (I am 87!)  you should think about leaving something behind for your family.  I am blessed with 4 children, 18 grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren.  None of them knew me when I was really young and so I decided it was time to write my memoir.

I called it “Tales I Never Told You.”  I started with my childhood and introduced them to my beloved family members, most of whom they had never known.  I tried to write it with humor as well as sentiment, and found it very therapeutic for me to recall memories that had been buried for decades.

Not everything should be included.  My golden years that I spent in London, aged 19 – 22, were lightly glossed over.  There were private things during that time that were too precious to be shared with anyone, some joys and heartbreak that I wouldn’t and couldn’t reveal.

But I tried to convey, and hope I succeeded, in leaving a message that each one of them was loved and treasured by me; had brought joy into my life.  Near the end of the book I wrote: “I am not sad as I come to the end of my journey.  My life has been long and eventful.   There is a song, the lyrics of which begin: ‘Into each life some rain must fall’  and I’ve had my share of that too.  But I have travelled to exotic locales, fulfilled my dream of being a writer, written 14 books and thousands of articles, short stories and poems, won several literary prizes.  The greatest success of my life has been establishing this great family … you who are now reading these words …”

Think about your own family if you are now reaching old age.  Tell them the love you have for them that until now you may not have put into words.  Tell them things you have never got around to sharing, tell them the values you want to pass on and the hopes you have for their future.

It is a book you will have to pay for yourself to be published, but obviously you won’t need a great number of copies.  And some things are more important than money.

Happy writing. You can purchase some of my book direct from me at discount by contacting me at  I am always glad to hear your comments, and to help with any of your writing problems.



  1. Beautiful, rich, blest, full of gratitude and love. Wonderful post, Dvora.

    I’m in London, spoke in a Synagogue, church, and another Jewish gathering and today am on my way to Edinburgh to meet an American friend for a few days of site seeing. Christmas in Scotland, and it may indeed be a white one!

    Lots of love to you dear friend, Carrie

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