Most of my Blogs have centred on Fiction, as that is my forte.   But I understand if you want to make money writing,  non-fiction is the way to go, and it’s also easier to find a publisher.  Most published writing is non-fiction – 90% in fact – articles, essays, fillers, features, travel articles etc.  It’s a huge market and I suppose I’ve sold 1,000 non-fiction pieces over the years.

Non-fiction suits every ability level. It allows writers in every stage of their development to sell their work and see their name in print. Even beginners can send their writing to the appropriate markets and occasionally it will sell.    Non-fiction covers the gamut of ideas. Everything you are interested in is covered in this genre – from hobbies, to a problem you solved, or your best friend’s interests. It encompasses every possible idea and concept in the world.

You broaden your information base with non-fiction., because you include facts and information.  You need to research information to add authenticity : facts from the encyclopedia, from your life experience, from eye witnesses, from books, from interviews with experts.  You are adding to your storehouse of knowledge.

In the U.S.A., 50,000  books are published annually, mostly non-fiction.  If you have an idea no-one else has thought of, a publisher will pay you in advance.  It is just as creative as writing fiction – you can use simile and metaphor, flights of word fancy , even development of character can come into play sometimes.

It also offers a wide variety. In one day, you can work on an interview, a profile, a how-to, a travel article, historical piece or a nostalgia article.  I am not intimating that it is always easy.  But if you satisfy an editor, and sound like an expert in the subject his periodical specialises in, you will be invited to submit more ideas and a mutually rewarding relationship will be established.


Happy writing.  If you are interested in my books, several novels are now available directly from me at   – The Pomegranate Pendant, Seeds of the Pomegranate,  Esther – a Jerusalem Love Story,  In A Good Pasture and my latest novel  Searching for Sarah   – all at a discount price of 50 shekels or $20 including postage.  I enjoy hearing your comments, and am also happy to help with any writing problems.


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