Almost every aspect of the craft of writing can be taught, except one.  Everyone knows those great shows like “Britain’s Got Talent” or “America’s Got Talent”. Why am I mentioning them in a writers’ Blog?   Because it’s all to do with teachers.

If you ask a writer, what was there favourite subject at school, you can be almost certain that they will say English.  But it goes further than that.  It would seem that most of us have been influenced by a teacher at some time, and often it’s their English teacher.

Yet I wonder how many of them know about their former students’ literary successes.  Be they great or small, I am certain they would be proud of you.   Many, many decades ago there was a Miss O’Donaghue  and a Miss Ryan back in Australia who introduced me to the magic of literature, that has stayed with me my whole life.   They encouraged me when others thought my wish to be a writer an impossible dream.


I’ve heard of students who came to my workshops in Jerusalem, who told me of teachers who discouraged them, or even made fun of them, but it didn’t stop their dreams.  And some have told me of teachers in their High Schools or even Elementary Schools who encouraged them.  And this is something I have tried to do with the many students who have attended the Creative Workshops I have given over the years.  Some of them now are published writers – either as journalists, and one or two have managed to have books published.  I am very proud of them.

I taught them many things – how to approach an editor;  how to do research;  the elements of fiction and short story writing … these are all things that you can learn. But no-one can teach that innate creativity which comes with talent.  That is something inborn, that can be nurtured and burnished, but is unique to each writer.  Believe in yourself and don’t let anyone divert you from fulfilling your dreams.

(I am always happy to hear your comments or to help you with any writing problems.  My latest novel  “Searching for Sarah” is available from Amazon, or at discount direct from me . You can contact me at   Happy writing!)



















































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