Although I don’t think I’ve ever suffered from Writers’ Block (my problem is the opposite – how to keep up with all the ideas crowding for attention) I know that many of my students have.  So here are 7 ruled for avoiding it.

  1. Busy:  The day job, the household, social engagements, TV /// the list goes on and on.  The only way to deal with it is to make writing your priority, and move everything else around it. Writing time is sacred, and you must protect it.
  2.  Lazy:   Don’t listen to that inner voice that says: “Relax.  Take your time.”  Writing requires effort and energy – don’t be lulled into laziness.
  3. Flighty:  You keep getting new ideas that you think are better than the ones you’ve already started working on.  You have to work through each project until you reach the end.  Just jot down a note of new ideas for future projects.
  4.   Foggy:  Don’t obscure your vision.   Know where you are going and what you are doing. Sharpen your perceptions.  Try coffee, a cold shower or long walks but fogginess of the mind will get you nowhere.
  5. Caution:  Writing is risky. Forget that – just wrote with flare and passion.
  6.  Doubt:   Don’t let it interrupt your efforts. Contradict it over and over when it tells you your efforts are not up to par.   Believe in yourself and your own abilities.
  7. Dull:   This haunts us all at some stage.  You can’t get your inspiration to shine through.   Try something different – write in a different place, listen to different music, set yourself a challenge and inject a bit of adventure into your life and your writing.        You can do it – just have faith in yourself!

I am always happy to hear your comments, or to help with any writing problem. You can contact me at   My latest novel (no. 14) is “Searching for Sarah”. This and many of my earlier books are available by contacting me direct.  Happy writing!



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