That’s what I’ve been doing.  So this time, I’m going to tell you what NOT to do.  My 14th book “Searching for Sarah” was published a few months ago.  Somehow, everyone thinks an author immediately launches into a new work, so I’ve been battling the questions of “What are you working on now?”  At first, I just looked vague and said “I have a few ideas”.  Later I tried to look mysterious, as much as to say: “It’s a secret that I don’t want to give away.”  Then I lied and said: “I’m working on what will probably be my swan song – after all, I’m 86, I can’t really expect to be around to write many more books.”

The truth is, I know what I want to write.  And I really hope to start it soon – but somehow I can’t get started.  Maybe it’s the weather – I love the Summer, but here in Jerusalem we’ve been having a long heatwave – every day around 37 degrees.  So I write a little bit in my head, but that’s where it is still sitting.  It’s going to be for my family, not the general public, and I know the title:  “Stories I Never Told You.”  We are blessed with a very large family – my 4 wonderful children have given us 18 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren ; but the latter have only known me as an old lady.  I want them to know me as I was – my childhood in Melbourne Australia; my four siblings;  my trip to London where my life really took off, and I stayed for three years; my first experiences as an adult living an independent life there; (I may have to censor it a bit!);    my adventures Youth Hostelling my way around Europe with my schoolfriend Marie, who sadly recently passed away;  my return to Australia and my work in advertising; my early success in writing short stories, poetry etc.  Getting married – becoming a mother.  I really want them to understand I was once as young as they are now and the lessons I learned along the way.

I’ll get started soon.  Maybe not tomorrow. Maybe when the heatwave ends … I tell myself every day – just do it!  I was delighted to receive a parcel this week from Miami, Florida, of 10 copies of my very favourite novel “Esther – a Jerusalem Love Story”  which has a lot of my own story in it, although I wrote it as fiction.  Much of it is my life in London; and my heroine is a war correspondent in Lebanon in 1982, just as I was.   As it’s been out of print a few years,  anyone who wants to buy a copy should contact me at  ;  I also have available my new novella “Searching for Sarah”. My publisher here delivered some copies to me today of “The Pomegranate Pendant” – my first novel which was made into the movie “The Golden Pomegranate”, but a bookseller asked for them before I even had the chance to unwrap them, so I’ll have to order more. These little distractions are stopping me from embarking on my new project, so I want to reiterate – don’t prevaricate like I am doing.  The only road to success as a writer is to write – and I’m going to start again very soon!

I love your comments – so be in touch; and let me know if you need help with any writing problems.


One thought on “PREVARICATION

  1. Hi Dvora,

    Sending a big smile and hug to you over the Atlantic! I loved this post and want you to know I have prayed happy prayers on your behalf and will continue. It’s understandable why it would be hard to get going on this project. Enjoy savoring each wonderful memory, jot down a few thoughts on each in random order without pressure, and even though I am not immediate family, I would sure love to read a paragraph or two on your most precious ideas and life events. But even so, the heat wave of summer is not really conducive for this so give yourself permission to relax and wait till the winter rains. It’ll come when it’s ready – the L-rd is busy working the ideas in you. He might need more time.

    Love you!


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