I apologise that it’s been a while since I wrote a new blog.  The reason – I was finishing my novel “Searching for Sarah” – my 14th book.  All kinds of emotions fight for supremacy … relief that I managed it; but sadness at parting with the characters I’ve been living with for such a long time.  As any author will tell you, they become as real as the members of your own family … you laugh with them, cry with them, ache at their losses and celebrate their achievements.


I always write my fiction in long-hand into a notebook; I find that writing it straight on the computer somehow interferes with the creative process, so I am now involved in typing my words into the computer.  I make a few little corrections as I go along – sometimes I find I’ve used a certain word repetitevely and I need to find a synonym; sometimes the punctuation needs correcting.  But basically, after all these years of writing, I find there is little to change.  Now I have to let go, and think if – at my age – I should start a new project.  As I am an optimist, perhaps I will!


6 thoughts on “COMING TO THE END

  1. Carrie Burns says:

    Hi Dvora,

    You are amazing and I understand and love how you expressed the mixed emotions of a project that is coming to an end. Congratulations and yes, plan the next one!

    I will be in Tzur Hadassah for the summer once again to house sit cats, United flights paid in full by the cat-lover. : ) I’ll touch base with you and we’ll see if there is a moment we can squeeze in. Hope so!

    You are inspiring and I am so blest that you are my friend.

    Love, Carrie

  2. Congratulations Dvora! I know what you mean about the feeling after finishing a book project. And it’s diffilcut to start a new project while you’re still living in the last one. Sounds like you need a well-deserved break filled with relaxation, joy and a celebration of your wonderful accomplishments. Well done!

  3. Dorothy OBrien says:

    Dearest Dvora

    Thank you for this post. That is both amazing and wonderful. As always I would love to read it and recommend to my Bookclub – how proud to nominate my aunt’s book!

    You would know I am sure that this weekend I am visiting Bobbie and as always I will let you know how she is traveling. We will go to a movie on Friday, for lunch at Wendy”s Saturday and to lunch at Sue’s on Sunday. Following on Celia is visiting Melbourne for a few days so hoping that this will lighten up Bobbie’s life as the Melbourne winter descends.

    With love always from your adoring niece …Dorothy xx

    Sent from my iPad

  4. I know what you mean about how it feels when you finish a book. It’s funny that your book is about someone named Sarah, because I have a book coming out this month called Answering Sarah, which I found very hard to end. I still love the characters so much. Perhaps I’ll write a sequel? You should definitely start another book project. I think it keeps us young, don’t you? Much love and congratulations to you!!!

  5. Rebecca Goldsmith says:

    Hi Dvora
    Congratulations! I look forward to reading it- am sure I will enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed your other books. Thanks

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