Are you meant to be a writer?  Let’s see what you have going for you:


You don’t have to like people, but you must be profoundly, passionately interested in them.

You must have a strong desire to make people see what you see, hear what you hear, feel what you feel.


Although you must be deeply committed to what you are writing, you must also be detached enough from it to recognise when it is not your best work.


You must learn that writing is often re-writing.  You must be able to cut away at your manuscript without flinching.


You must acquire a deep concern for details.


Your writing must be a daily routine, not the result of occasional inspiration. You have to find the time every day – keeping a journal is good for the beginning writer.


Realise that very few writers can make a living from it. Don’t give up your day job too soon.


It’s true that everything has been said,but remind yourself that Romeo & Juliet has appeared in many forms since Shakespeare …West Side Story and Abie’s Irish Rose to mention just two.

Rejection slips are not the end of the world.  Know your markets and try new ones, after studying their writers’ guidelines closely.


Be prepared to be lonely – writing is a lonely profession.  It is one road a writer must walk alone.  But what a wonderful sensation when you see your name as a by-line or on the cover of a book.  Good luck!



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