Practical Gifts for your Writer Friends

Although some of the people who contact me are not writers themselves, I’ve had a couple of queries about what is the best gift to give a freelance writer.

These have been some gifts I’ve been given over the years that have really been very gratefully received, especially when I first started out as a writer. In those days, when we didn’t submit on-line (and there are still editors who ask for hard copy only) I truly valued postage stamps – in different denominations as I used to submit to various countries.

Envelopes were also wonderful – in different sizes. I preferred the self-sticking kind, or those with the added gummed flap for security.

Pens and markers are great. Ask what point thickness and color ink your writer friend prefers. Even after all my years as a writer and 13 books, if I am writing fiction or poetry, I still start out with pen and ink and only later transfer it to my computer. Non-fiction I can manage straight on to the computer.

An up-to-date almanac is a useful gift. Most writers have already bought a dictionary and a thesaurus, but an almanac is one of the most useful reference books around.

I never tire of receiving paper – whether for my printer, or elegant paper for hand-written letters which I still write to many friends who are not computer literate and don’t have e-mail. There are so many choices of multi-colored,, marbleized, even with graphic images.

Personalize some address labels for your writer friends, It will save them a lot of time and be deeply appreciated.

Sample copies of different magazines (even ones you bought for yourself and have read). They may open up new markets and more income for your freelancer.

Inexpensive, but valued gifts, are self-stick note pads, paper clips, transparent tape, staples, rubber bands or any items that will helpful in the many tasks writers face.

A subscription to a writers’ magazine is a wonderful gift. You can find out on Google what is available and whether it deals with U.S. markets or British ones, and select the appropriate one.

My 13th book, an e-book titled “Autumn Blessing” is set for release on Sept. 25th. Prism, the publisher, have created a beautiful cover in bright autumn shades of flowers that bloom in that season, as the novella also has a gardening theme running through it. More details on where you can buy it and at what price in the next weeks.

If you have problems locating any of my books, let me know at the address in About Me or My Books above.
I always enjoy your comments, so keep them coming – I try to answer as many as possible.


One thought on “Practical Gifts for your Writer Friends

  1. Carrie Burns says:

    Loved this one! Very nice, very practical.

    Blessings my friend!

    Carrie PS There is movement on the Yad Vashem position. She told me on Friday that she HAS chosen me as her successor, but she needs a few more things to fall in place before she tells them she is leaving. Now we are talking about transitions, etc, as if it is a done-deal. I practically RAN to the Kotel to thank G-d. Still more hoops to jump through, but she was honest, forthcoming, and we are brainstorming and planning : ) Maybe in 6 mos. Jerusalem will be mine…

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