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All writers need some help, and I get mine from Writing Magazine in U.K. ( ) Every monthly issue is filled with ideas on every genre of writing … fiction, non-fiction, op-eds, poetry… and not just ideas. For me, the most important benefits are the lists of markets, in fact that is how I heard that Prism Books in USA were interested in novellas. As a result, I sent them the ms. of my novella “Autumn Blessing” and within a couple of weeks, I had signed a contract with them, It will come out as an e-book in the near future, and will be my 13th book. I also find new markets for articles that are often much better paying than the ones I have already published with, and I love the Members’ News pages that tell of successes with writers from all over the world. There are monthly competitions too, and sometimes big money to be won.
Most important of all, as you read the fact-filled pages, you will be absorbing new skills in the craft of writing.
I have been subscribing for many years, and my heart leaps whenever I see a new issue in my mailbox, because I know it will be filled with new opportunities.

Another excellent magazine to help you in your career is The Writer ( This is an American version and is also filled with helpful articles on the craft of writing, plus listings of markets.
When you have this kind of help, it’s like going on your journey with a map, instead of roaming around hoping to arrive at your destination.

When you immerse yourself in the writings of those who have succeeded where you hope to go, you have already made a great start on your journey. Good luck.


2 thoughts on “Read the WRITE Magazines

  1. Johnny Lata says:

    I just want to say that your book titled , A Jerusalem Love Story, had made me understand a little more about the meaning of real love.. ….the sun is new, the sky is blue…eventhough both send their light from different poles… the eyes know that both are the definition of love…..

    • Thank you so much for your e-mail. Most of my books are listed on my blog and if you can’t get them at Amazon, you can write to me directly at or If you would like to receive my daily e-mails for writers, on my blog, above my photo, you will see 3 small icons. Click on the one on the far left, enter your e-mail, and you will receive them automatically. I’m delighted to have you join the group. Kindest regards Dvora

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