A Step in the Write Direction

Being a writer is the most exciting profession in the world. We all can write, but most people are too intimidated. Never think that you are too ordinary. No, you are unique and extraordinary. Starting a book has been described as putting out to sea in a row boat, hoping you’ll eventually reach land but aware of the dangers of storms and disasters on the way. I don’t think of it like that. If I had to make a comparison, it would be to that of an artist standing in front of a huge, blank canvas. He has a palette of wonderful colors that he can combine to create new and exciting shades. He can paint with dashing, bold swathes or delicate strokes. He can do anything he wants, and his mind is full of exciting possibilities.

So it is with starting a book – particularly a novel. You are the only person who can write the book inside you because, even if it’s fiction, it is still made out of your beliefs, your prejudices, the jokes you laughed at, the songs you sang. You can create characters from the essence of people you loved or hated, admired or lost, but still yearn for.

Don’t wait for inspiration. Only 10% is inspiration – 90% is perspiration. Writing is wonderful therapy. Use it to dissipate anger, to celebrate life, to express joy. There will be rejections – that is part of the writing life. But remember, a professional writer is just an amateur who didn’t quit.

Visit My Books page to find out about some of the 12 books I have already published. If you can no longer find them on Amazon, let me know at dwaysman@gmail.com and I’ll try to obtain a copy for you. My new venture is an e-book which will be published by Prism in U.S.A. very soon – it’s titled “Autumn Blessing” – a very tender romance for seniors, with a gardening sub-plot. I felt that they needed some love in their lives too, and no other writers seemed to be providing it.

And remember – every work of creation is a self-portrait. Autograph your work with excellence.


6 thoughts on “A Step in the Write Direction

    • Thank you Mary. It’s so nice to be part of the Prism community even though my book isn’t out yet. But if you click on Books in my Blog you can read about some of my 12 other published books. I do appreciate your comments. Dvora

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