Entering Uncharted Territory

I am venturing into new waters with my novella, “Autumn Blessing” which will soon be an e-book, published by Prism Book Group in U.S.A. This time it’s for a general audience, not exclusively Jewish or Israeli. I thought it was about time I moved into the 21st century, as I know more and more readers are reading books on-line, with Kindles etc.

I hope to post writing tips for would-be writers who may be struggling with their work, whether it be for articles, short stories, novels or poetry – all of which I have had published during my many decades as a writer.

TODAY’S WRITING TIP: When submitting a short story to a magazine, first read their writers’ guidelines. Stick to the word count. No fancy fonts or explanatory notes, which are just clutter that the editor will remove. Submit the way they ask, whether a paper submission or an e-mail attachment. Be patient and wait for an answer – sometimes it takes 6 weeks.

If I can help you, contact me at: dwaysman@gmail.com.


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